Monday, November 15, 2021

Stamping Foam

 Have you tried Simon Hurley's stamping foam?  You can take any surface and make a stamp out of it.  You just heat up the foam block, press it into a textured surface, ink it up, and then stamp away.  It's a great way to stretch your supplies - dies, embossing folders, ribbon, even household items like sweaters, baskets, upholstery, carpet ... anything with texture.a

I took some dies and laid them out to make a patterned background.  I heated up the foam blocks (I have two taped together), and pressed them firmly into my dies.  I used one of the plates from my Stamparatus to apply even pressure  

And now I have a great background stamp.  The impression will stay in the foam until I heat it put again.

I inked up the blocks with Distress Oxide ink by swiping it across the blocks and then using a blending brush to move it around.  I lined my blocks up in my Stamparatus and pressed down.  I again used one of the Stamparatus plates to help apply even pressure.

Image 1 is the first stamp I took directly to cardstock.  I like the snowy look to the background.

Image 2 is one that I lightly misted the foam with water (without re-inking) and then stamped the cardstock.  The faded background looks like seeing the snow through a pane of glass.

Image 3 I misted the cardstock and stamped again. The subtle look will make a perfect backdrop.

You can get a 4-pack of the stamping for under $10.  It's a great bargain.  Be sure to check out videos by Simon Hurley, Gina K, and Jennifer McGuire showing how they use the foam.  On a Gina & Simon video Simon said you can use all six sides!  

Thanks for stopping by, Susan

Not a crafty post ...

This is not a crafty post but I had this on my mind.  For my FB friends who follow my blog this is a repeat of what I posted there.

I heard this in a song : Who can search the depths of me and love me to the core.

We all have hidden secrets, things we don’t tell anyone.  Thoughts, actions, stuff that happened to us or by us in our past, emotions … things we’ve stuffed down and never told another living soul; things we are afraid to even think about.  Things that sneak up on us and choke us, making us feel like we are drowning.  Some of these things are so dark and ugly that if anyone knew they would surely be disgusted and repulsed by them and by us.

Who can search the depths of me and love me to the core. 

There is one.  His name is Jesus.  Jesus looked into the depth of my heart and your heart and saw the ugly, the repulsive, the shameful, the disgusting.  He looked at the hateful, the pain, the scars, the monsters that we live with in the deep dark recesses of our heart and He loved us anyway.  He loved me and you to our cores – even with all the mess, the crap we have buried deep down, tamped down, tried to destroy, tried to forget.  He loves us to our cores.

He even went a step further than just loving us.  He took all that ugliness – mine, yours, all the sin committed by us and to us – and He opened his arms and paid OUR price so we could stand blameless before God.  He took the beatings, the mutilation of his physical body, the abuse to his spirit, the degradation of death on a cross and He opened his arms and said I LOVE YOU TO THE CORE

When you feel unloved, when you are hurting, when you are abused, when you are alone, when you feel like there is no hope remember that Jesus loves you to the core.  No matter what.  Nothing can change that.

Here’s the rest of this song by Hillsong – No One But You

Who can melt the hardest heart

And speak life into my soul
Who can spin the world around
And hold me ever close


Who can search the depths of me
And love me to the core
Who controls the world I see
And walks me through it all


No one but You
No one but You

Who has made the righteous bright
Who has paved my way with grace
Loved me through my darkest hours
A thousand different ways


No one but You


For the one who needed to read this ... I pray your heart is changed because He loves you.  Thanks for stopping by, Susan

Saturday, November 6, 2021

SusieLouCreates Etsy store

SusieLouCreates on Etsy is finally open for business.  It took awhile but I finally got 1/4 of my inventory uploaded to Etsy.

I'm was hoping to get some Christmas card sets done and in the store but since November will soon be half over I think I may have missed that window!

In addition to the individual cards available, I plan to offer sets of cards that mixes occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, thinking of you, and hello.  I don't know if I'll use cards I've already made or create ones exclusively for the sets.

No new projects to upload ... I've been sick for the past week.  I'm thinking it has been a cold that hung on because I've not lost my sense of taste or smell.  

If you get a chance to check out my store, Handmade cards for every occasion. by SusieLouCreates on Etsy.  Thanks for stopping by, Susan

Tuesday, October 26, 2021

October is on the way out

 Can you believe how quickly this year is passing.  We are coming up on Halloween and soon after we'll be in full holiday mode with Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Before that happens, I have a few more cards to share.

If you need a unique Christmas gift for someone who likes to send cards, please visit my blog posts and send me an email at with the card numbers and how many of each. My cards sell for $5 each or 5 for $20 (plus shipping).  Let me know your zip code and I'll email you the price for shipping (I ship via USPS).

Thanks for stopping by, Susan

Sunday, October 3, 2021

Word Cardmaking Day

 Saturday was World Cardmaking Day.  My husband was gone on a fishing trip so I had plenty of time of play.  Here are the cards I was able to make this weekend.

The top two were stamped with The Greetery's Market Day Bouquet and the bottom one I used Altenew's Lush Garden kit.  I love the 3D embossing folder.  I'll post individual pictures later on - we've had rain all weekend so I couldn't get outside pictures.

I hope you had time to craft this weekend.  Thanks for stopping by, Susan

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Beautiful weekend

 It's been a beautiful weekend here in Central Ohio.  The sun has been shining and the the temperature in the 70s.  My oldest grandson spent the night and we had a rousing game of keep-the-balloon-off-the-floor.

I also got a couple of cards finished.  This first card used Altenew's Peony Bouquet stamp set with the sentiment from their Beautiful Heart set.

This second card is a sympathy card made with The Greetery's Summer Sketches stamp set.  The sentiment is from a Stampin Up set.

I'm off to get a few more cards (hopefully) done before bedtime.  Thanks for stopping by, Susan

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Back at it!

 I've been working on cards since my last post but I just finished the envelopes to go with them.  

I found a new stamp company with great sets - The Greetery.  This card was made using Summer Sketches and greenery that I had precut.  I tinted the small background cardstock with gray ink because I couldn't find the right color gray cardstock in my stash - isn't that always the way!

I really like Altenew's Peony Bouquet layered stamp set.  The full bloom and budding bloom look great against Spellbinders Venetian trellis die.

I usually don't purchase kits because I don't fall in love with all the products included.  But Hero Art's Sunflower kit is small and focused.  It came with 5 ink cubes, the sunflower flowers stamp and die, and dies for Hello and Thanks - both the skinny script and outline.  I really like the look of this with and without the outline. 

I haven't got my Etsy store open yet but almost there - hopefully this weekend.  Thanks for stopping by - Susan